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 Library hours:  (Room 7)

Friday:          noon - 3:30 PM

Sunday:         9:00 AM – 11:30 AM (9:30 when there is class)

Thank you for the donation of CD's.

The Library will be closed on snow days!

 This month will feature St. Patrick and St. Joseph.  There will be a movie after soup on Monday the 20th about the life of St. Joseph. Come join us in the social hall!

A set of christian mysteries was donated to the library this week for you mystery lovers.  Look for Mary's Mystery Bookstore.

When you do your spring house cleaning keep this in mind!

We are collecting paperback books to disrtibute to the homeless thru food banks and other organizations that have need.  If you would like to donate paperbacks and/or  childrens books you may put them in the old white return box in the social hall on the north wall.  We will start to place them in March.

The library will feature new books and new DVD's on this month. We have some excellent reading and video to inspire your Lenten season.  Many childrens' books as well as junior high. The new books and DVD's will be in the stand alone book shelves directly ahead as you enter the library. 

   We have a new library BOOK RETURN outside the Faith Formation office.  Please use it for all visual media.

  New:  The fiction is now sorted by category; i.e. mystery. inspirtional, romance, family, historical fiction,etc.

   We hope to have the library open on Saturday evening after mass, but we need some volunteers.

    Thank you for all the donated books.  We are no longer taking paperback fiction books.  If you have paperback books for ages 10 to 16 we donate them to      Stand up for Kids

 If you have any DVD's that have to do with saints or other religious subjects that are in good condition we would be grateful for the donation. We would ,also, like family appropriate DVD's  that are in good condition.



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