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 Library hours:  (Room 7)

Friday:          noon - 3:30 PM

Most Sunday    9:00 AM – 11:30 AM ( if volunteers are available)

Most Saturdays     4:30 PM    to    6:10PM         "

There are free books available in the social hall by the north door.

We will be open on Sundays and Saturdays as we have volunteers available, but always on Friday afternoon. Please email the library if you would consider volunteering for one Sunday a month.  Our email is in the bulletin. 

Please note that there will be book /DVD summeries on the white board adjacent to the water fountain on a weekly basis for your convience.

There are no plans to purchase more DVD's until there is some interest shown by persons wanting them.

"Fun in the Library" has been cancelled due to lack of interest.

We are no longer accepting books or CD's for the library as we are currently at capacity. We will continue to accept paperbacks for the local foodbanks and shelters.

 The library will be open on Saturday evening and Sunday morning as volunteers are available.  Check the board by the water fountain for dates.  

   Thank you  for all the donated books, DVD's and CD's.

 If you have any DVD's that have to do with saints or other religious subjects that are in good condition we would be grateful for the donation. We would ,also, like family appropriate DVD's  that are in good condition.  Thanks to all that have donated book, CD's and DVD's.



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