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Holy Trinity Parish Church Facilities Improvement Plan


Building Committee is in the process of preparing to launch a Capital Stewardship Campaign, this year, to raise the monies needed to complete this phase of the community plan. Click Here for More Info.


Building Committee Presentation Sept 2014

Town Hall Presentation, Nov 2014

Q & A from Town Hall Meeting, Dec 2014

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The Parish Building Committee is proposing a Church Facilities Improvement Plan to refurbish and remodel the church that is within the financial capacity of Holy Trinity. The objective of these changes is to make the atmosphere as welcoming and conducive to the worship of God as possible.  This is the first modernization proposal of the church in almost 50 years of the Parish. A secondary goal is facility improvements in the social hall and classrooms.

In 2005, a 20 year development plan in 3 phases was developed. Phase I, renovation of ministry center, was funded by parishioner contributions and completed in 2010. Renovation included new parish offices, expanded chapel, and remodeled priest’s quarters. Phase II was to be construction of a new community center building allowing for the eventual expansion of the church into the social hall area. Phase III would follow with the eventual remodel of the church.

Over the past 1 ½ years, the Building Committee has studied this, and based on a number of factors, including feedback the committee received from various Parish councils, commissions, ministries, and parishioners the team decided to reevaluate the 20 year plan.

Two principal concerns came to the forefront that has called for a change in direction. The first concern is based upon an analysis of the parish membership over the past 8 years which indicates we are growing at a very modest rate of 0.5% per year, so the need for an expansion of the existing church into the social hall is not needed. Also population projections in Kitsap County and the Bremerton area show low growth rates. The second concern is the amount of funds that could be reasonably raised by our community without taking on excessive debt. The committee is targeting a budget of about $2 million dollars and a five to six year planning, fund raising and construction period. The notional $2 million dollar planning budget is a constrained estimate of the amount of funding we can reasonably expect to raise. Archdiocese guidelines and our prior experience show that a Parish can typically raise 2.5 times their annual collections during a fund raising campaign. In 2012 our annual collection totaled about $779K.

Therefore, the Building Committee decided not to continue with Phase II and III as originally envisioned in 2005. Rather, the proposal is to conduct a single phase plan to remodel the existing Church with the following goals identified to date:

· Evaluate adding a narthex (main entrance) to the church, relocating the altar, sacristy, vestment , and storage rooms and re-arrange the pews to enhance the worship experience and provide for interior greeting, gathering, ministry presentation, and children’s needs.

· Provide modest expansion area of the church for surge capacity of an additional 150-300 people when needed from the existing 600 person seating capacity.

· Soundproof the existing social hall to eliminate noise and distractions between the social hall and the church proper during Mass.

· Upgrade the overall environment in the church to include such considerations as:

v Improved natural lighting and artificial lighting

v Improved sound system and addition of an electronic visual system

v Refurbish or replace existing pews to meet the configuration of the remodeled church.

v Provide dedicated area for music ministry to include organ, piano and other instruments

v Renew floors, walls, ceiling and existing exposed wood as necessary and appropriate

· Incorporate a baptismal pool and expanded gathering area inside the main entrance

· Provide a drive up canopy for parishioner drop off and pickup in inclement weather

The secondary goal would be to remodel the existing social hall and faith formation wing classrooms to meet the needs originally identified for the community center. Some of these goals include:

· Create space away from the church proper that can accommodate a variety of functions including wedding receptions, anniversaries, seminars, group education, dinners/banquets, musical performances, plays, ceremonies, presentations, and social/friendship gatherings. Upgrade the social hall, and remodel classrooms to meet needs.

· Modernize existing classrooms and youth/adult activity areas. Remove and add walls in classrooms to accommodate larger and smaller functions and events. Portable room dividers may be used to configure spaces.


The building committee has met with several architects and selected Steve Lee from Seattle to be our architect to identify potential design concepts and determine what is reasonably feasible.




Planning and Approval


Fund Raising


Construction Complete

Phase I







· Ministry Center

· Chapel Expansion

· Rectory Remodel







Finished in 2010








Phase II







Church Facilities Improvements





* (Budget $2.0M)




Please feel free to contact Building Committee members listed to further discuss this project and to share your thoughts and recommendations:

Bill Dewey 692-0782 Merrill Evans 377-3545 Ted Leniszewski 377-7674 Mike Maley 692-0243 Rob Perez 613-0962 Sheila Perez 613-0962 Dave Shafer 779-5255 George Zerr 830-5540


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